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Couples therapy

The session typically takes place once a week at a set time. The time-frame may be short-term or open-ended, depending on the nature of the issue. Once a certain focus of work is achieved we may discuss and agree on less frequent sessions or reviews.

The issues I help with include:

  • Emotional distance and lack of communication

  • Problematic feelings such as anger, contempt and distrust

  • Lack of commitment or infidelity

  • Separation and divorce

  • Abuse and violence

  • ​Problems with sexual intimacy

  • Adjusting to life transitions e.g. becoming parents, career change, redundancy, moving countries

  • Conflicts over share of responsibility e.g. financial, domestic, parenting, caring for parents

  • Disagreement over parenting style or whether to have (more) children

  • Infertility

  • Adjustment to a new relationship

  • Problems with step-parenting

  • Problems with an original or extended family

  • ​Recovering from loss, bereavement or other trauma

  • Managing chronic or terminal illness

How I facilitate the therapeutic process

Many couples seek therapy because it has become impossible or too difficult to communicate honestly with each other. I will facilitate a dialogue between you about conflicts and dilemmas you are facing, giving you both a chance to express your views and to comment on what the other has said.

I will listen carefully, without judgement, to what is being said, and I will also pay attention to what each of you heard the other saying. We will explore together layers of meanings that you are attributing differently to events, behavioural patterns, and verbal exchanges that you experience. We will try to find out what feelings are not expressed or accepted by you, your partner or by both of you.

By gaining a better understanding of yourself and your partner's perspectives and feelings, communication becomes less defensive and less judgmental. From that space where there is more acceptance of your unique experience and differences, we will try to find best solutions. If the solution you reach through the therapy is to go separate ways, we will work towards making as smooth a transition and adjustment as possible.

At any point of the therapy I will welcome your feedback and your sharing your experience of our working relationship.

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