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I trained integratively in many theoretical approaches and I choose my approach from these modalities to suit each client's needs and issues. 

The modalities I mostly draw upon (and their respective focuses of exploration) are:

  • psychodynamic ( how our early experiences unconsciously influence our current experiences of ourselves and our relationships)

  • Jungian/transpersonal (how one is embedded in the greater whole and connected to the unconscious knowledge held collectively)

  • existential-humanistic (how to live authentically and to take responsibility for our choices, whilst accepting limitations inherent in life)

  • body psychotherapy (how one's experiences and beliefs are held or reflected in one's body)

  • and energy psychotherapy (using our inherent capacity to heal as an energetic being)

I also incorporate working with dreams and archetypal figures, visualisation, energy and mindfulness based body-mind practices, using artwork, poetry and movement as appropriate.

For those who are interested in CBT, I would instead offer Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT), an energy psychotherapy modality developed by a Jungian psychoanalyst. AIT works directly and structurally on gently removing the negative impact of previous and current traumas held at energy and body levels. ​


My therapeutic approach

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