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Initial consultation

In the first session I will ask you about your reason for seeking support and what you expect from the therapy. You are also invited to ask me any questions about how I practice, and to let me know of any concerns that you may have about being in therapy.

This first meeting is an important opportunity for both of us to find out whether we can work together. You will find out whether you feel comfortable with me, and I will also gauge whether what I can offer is likely to be helpful to you.

If we agree to work together after this initial session, we will contract to meet on an agreed time every week. We will periodically review to assess how you are experiencing the therapy process, how it is helping you and if and what kind of support is needed further.

If you would like to arrange an initial consultation please get in touch by phone or email. At the point of the initial meeting there is no obligation for any further sessions.

Confidentiality and ethics

What you discuss in the therapy is treated confidentially and I will not disclose it to anyone else without your written consent. The exception to this is if I have reasons to believe that you or someone else will be harmed. In line with my professional registration, my work is supervised, but again this is done in the strictest confidence.

I abide by the codes of ethics and professional conduct of HCPC, BPS and BACP, to which I am affiliated.

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